Samsung, which lost its leadership in the smartphone market to Xioami last week, continues to excite its users with brand new news. Nowadays, the South Korean company, which publishes and continues to publish updates for many phone models, is wreaking havoc with its new flagships. While the new flagships that burn pockets in our country continue to sell like crazy all over the world, the old phone models continue to receive updates without forgetting. A new update has been released for the Samsung Galaxy A01.



The South Korean company, which has been the subject of our news with different update announcements last week, released a new update without digesting previous updates. The update released yesterday was announced for the Samsung Galaxy A01, one of the 2019 model phones of the famous brand. The update is now being downloaded and used by users.


Samsung Galaxy A01 Receives February 2021 Security Update

In the news we have done so far, we have stated that many phone models have received the February 2021 security update and have become more secure. While the voices of Android 12 continue to resonate in the Android world, it is also eagerly awaited when Google will release this update. While eyes are now on Android 12, Samsung continues to make older phone models more secure.

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The February 2021 security update, which closes many vulnerabilities and provides a safer experience for users, was also released for the 2019 model phone. While the update published yesterday morning continues to be downloaded by users, let’s not forget that the device was last updated 3 months ago. The company, which works day and night for old and new phone models and publishes updates, continues to make its users smile with this behavior. While the file size of the update published with the version number A015FXXUAUA3 is unknown, it is known that many problems have been solved on the phone.

Let’s not forget that the model will receive another big update based on Android 11 at the end of this year.


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