Samsung’s Chip S3FV9RR was considered the safest component among all models. Technology should debut on the Galaxy Note 20.

The Samsung introduced a new security solution to protect data cell. The novelty was called S3FV9RR and consists of a chip of the type Safe Element . The component works in conjunction with security software enhanced over the previous version , implemented in the Galaxy S20 line .

The proposal is to offer greater protection against malicious attacks and software updates. Rumors suggest that the product should start to be included in the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone series, scheduled to launch in August 2020 .

According to the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level test, the chip has received the highest safety rating for a mobile component to date. On a scale from EAL0 to EAL7, where seven represents greater protection, the launch of the South Korean giant has received 6+ certification. The predecessor S3K250AF, present in the Galaxy S20, was qualified as 5+.

Compared to the first generation, the solution has twice as much storage. In addition, the new chip is capable of supporting implemented tools such as Root of Trust (RoT) and secure boot.

This means that, basically, when a device with the new component is initialized, a chain of confidence is activated and the whole system is sequentially validated with previously approved keys. Thus, the phone must be protected in tasks such as initialization, isolated storage and mobile payments.

Samsung says that the S3FV9RR chip is a versatile component, as it can work independently of the security performance of the device’s main processor. According to the company, the feature meets the requirements of the security module for encrypted operations for a future version of the operating system, probably Android 11 .

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In addition to smartphones, the novelty may also be implemented in electronic passports and cryptocurrency wallets.


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