Samsung, one of the leading names in technology, continues to do dizzying work and does not forget its flagships. The famous company, which continues its work for two different admiral series that was released last year, is signing successful graphics. Good news came for the Galaxy S20, which was released in March last year, and the Note 20 series, which was released in August. New update for Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series has arrived.



Samsung, one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers of today, started to update its technological products as we entered the new year. With the incoming updates, both innovations and various improvements are offered to users.


Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Series get new update

With the new update announced as the February 2021 security patch, a more stable experience is offered to users. Sharing various changes with both S20 and Note 20 series users with this update, Samsung has not yet announced the changes in detail. The update details, which are expected to be released within the next week, will reveal quite striking changes.

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The update offered to US users carries versions G98xU1UES1CUA2 and N98xU1UES1CUA1, respectively. The update will be available to users in other countries soon. The specified update is currently available for download only in the USA.


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