South Korean phone maker Samsung has re-assumed leadership in the smartphone market with new phone sales. By by Apple.


Samsung, which has been on our news many times with its brand new smart phones in 2021, continues to challenge its competitors without stopping. The company, which works on foldable phones as well as foldable Galaxy tablets, is preparing to undertake various innovations in almost every field. As you may remember, the company that lost the leadership of the smartphone market to Apple at the end of last year, in the fourth quarter of 2020, came to the fore with a good news today. The company took the lead again with new phone sales.

The South Korean company, which started to produce foldable smartphone screens for many brands, is also working on a Galaxy tablet that is far from everything. Unlike other tablets, the Galaxy Tab, which will appear in a foldable structure, seems to make its competitors curious. The company, which displayed a very good performance in the first quarter of 2021, was able to reflect this situation on its sales graphics. Greet the new leader.

Samsung Increased Profits!

According to the information we obtained with Reuter’s share, the South Korean company made a 44 percent profit in the smartphone sales it launched in the first quarter of 2021. The company, which increased its profit by 8.3 billion dollars compared to the same period of 2020, achieved a very good success. The company, which managed to sell 76 million smartphones in the first quarter, also took back the leadership of the smartphone market from Apple.


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