Samsung Display shared a video showing the under-display webcam technology.
A post was made for the under-display webcam, which will be presented by Samsung Display for laptops in the near future.

Showcasing the potential of OLED panels for laptops, including the ability to have a webcam under the screen to achieve thinner bezels with video shared via the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

OLED panels offered by Samsung can allow smaller bezels with screen-to-body ratios of up to 93 percent without some sort of notch or cut. In addition, a number of benefits are offered. For example, they are significantly lighter than other panels. They weigh 130 grams instead of 180 grams, and with that, their thickness is also less than half. According to Samsung’s own comparison, it is only 1 millimeter thick instead of 2.1 millimeters.

The tech industry has been looking for new ways for the past few years to shrink the bezels and increase the screen area as much as possible, especially for smartphones and to some extent laptops. While notches and cuts for cameras are becoming common in smartphones, this was not the case with PCs, possibly as screen distortion would be more pronounced there.

It does not give a date on when this screen technology can be used to hide the webcam of any device with the video presented.

Finally, let’s remind you that Samsung previously filed for a patent and the company was working on under-screen cameras for smartphones.


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