Despite the coronavirus, the glut of foldable phones that made a splash seems to continue this year. ETNews reported that Samsung Display has signed an agreement to provide flexible displays to smartphone manufacturers in China. Shipments are scheduled to start in the third quarter. Samsung is expected to produce more than one million foldable displays by the end of the year.



Several foldable smartphones from Chinese manufacturers will be announced in the second half of 2021. According to inside information, these models will be produced by Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and other companies. Samsung Display will offer screens similar to those found on the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip.

Until now, Samsung Electronics has been the only manufacturer of foldable Samsung display panels. However, Samsung Display plans to expand its customer list. Huawei wanted to buy flexible displays from Samsung Display. However, plans have changed due to sanctions. Instead, Huawei uses BOE’s foldable displays.

Samsung Display plans to release 11 million foldable displays this year. About 1 million will go to China and the rest will be for Samsung smartphones.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series, the flagship smartphones of the South Korean company, did not make the expected sale. Due to this bad trend, the successor to the South Korean giant, the Galaxy S21 5G, is said to be released a few weeks earlier than usual.

Still, the company is quite modest when it comes to potential sales of the Galaxy S21 5G. According to the latest data, Samsung plans to ship approximately 26 million units of the Galaxy S21 series this year, in line with the number of Galaxy S20 5G units sold. Samsung can also compensate for this loss with its new foldable phones.


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