According to a reliable source, Samsung is developing processors for Windows PCs. These processors, which are likely to come as Exynos 1000, can open the doors of a significant innovation in the computer industry.

Samsung has preferred Exynos 990 processors in its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S20 family. Performance tests revealed that these processors are slightly weaker than competitors produced by Qualcomm and Apple. Samsung fans even launched a campaign and stated that Samsung should abandon these processors.

However, according to information from sources close to Samsung, the South Korean tech giant plans to make Exynos processors available for Windows PCs, which are not intended to be used on their smartphones.

MauriQHD, which has made many hit leaks before, announced that Samsung has started developing Exynos processors for Windows PCs with its latest share on Twitter. According to the claims of MauriQHD, these processors will come as Exynos 1000 series.

Exynos processors that will give life to Windows computers are likely to exit Samsung’s 5 nm EUV production process. In addition, the company can use the new processor cores announced as “Cortex-X1” in the processors it will offer for Windows PCs.

Samsung’s claim that it has developed a processor for Windows PCs is not the first time it has been voiced. It was stated in previous periods that the company developed the Windows PC version of Exynos 990, but it was not sure about this processor. MauriQHD’s claims show that Samsung could be working on a brand new PC processor, leaving the Exynos 990 aside.


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