In the smartphone market, Samsung has a preference that we have criticized for many years. It dictates its own chipset to us users. When we look at it, Samsung does not use the Exynos chipset even in its homeland South Korea, but it offers Exynos chipset phones for sale in some countries, including our country. As the press industry criticizes the Exynos chipset phones, the new benchmark tests that have emerged appear that the Exynos chipset will turn into an advantage rather than a disadvantage in the coming period. According to benchmark tests that have emerged today, the new generation Samsung Exynos using the AMD GPU significantly surpasses the Apple A14 chipset.



According to the interest in benchmark tests conducted by Toms Hardware, the results were as follows.

– > Manhattan 3.1, Aztec, Normal Aztec
Samsung Exynos AMD GPU – > 181.8 FPS, 138.25 FPS, 58 FPS
Apple A14 Bionic – > 146.4 FPS, 79.8 FPS, 30.5 FPS

As you can see, Samsung seems to have made a serious difference to its strongest competitor, Apple, with the next generation Exynos chipset that it will probably use in the Galaxy Note 21 series. We will officially reap the fruits of the agreement between AMD and Samsung in 2019 with this chipset in 2021. At this point while the lath has risen to these levels; We are also curious how Qualcomm and Apple will respond to this performance.


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