Samsung really made a special effort for foldable phones in 2020. But the year 2021 seems to go beyond that. South Korean sources provide information on what we can expect from the company next year.

Foldable phones are getting cheaper

According to The Elec, a reliable source in general, we will see the more affordable Galaxy Z Fold Lite model in 2021. These will be followed by the two flagship models Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’s going to be a good year for Samsung foldable phones.

The rumor about the future of Samsung’s foldable phone, Galaxy Fold, has been around for a while. This was a sales strategy that Samsung has adopted in other phones in the past years. As with other phone models, foldable phones seem to be a successful strategy for attracting users. We have seen quite often how successful consumer interest in new technologies can be when combined with more affordable price strategies, with brands such as Xiaomi and OnePlus. It is worth mentioning that these news have not been confirmed yet and setting high expectations can be disappointing.


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