Samsung Galaxy A22 5G model will be produced in ODM style, which will reduce costs. Like its Chinese rivals, Samsung wants to reach a wide audience by going below $ 200.

With the gradual spread of 5G infrastructures, the race of smartphone manufacturers to affect wider audiences continues. The biggest role in this will undoubtedly be in affordable 5G smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G specifications and price
Galaxy A22 5G will be the latest example of the participatory ODM style the company has adopted recently. Instead of leaving production entirely to the supplier company, Samsung also participates in development studies at certain points. In this way, costs are also reduced.

The Galaxy A22 5G is expected to have roughly similar features with the Galaxy A21s. These include a dotted IPS display, Exynos or MediaTek chipset, quad rear camera, 5000mAh capacity battery.

The price of the Galaxy A22 5G will be around $ 185. This will put it in the same lane as Chinese cheap 5G phones. Samsung is also preparing another model called Galaxy A32 5G that will cost around $ 365. These two models will be available in the first half of next year.


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