Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will appear as Samsung’s new full wireless headset. Moreover, both its design and features were leaked!


Even now, Samsung sells many full wireless headphones like other manufacturers. We can exemplify this situation as Galaxy Buds / Buds + / Buds Pro and Buds Live. A new TWS headset production has been launched by Samsung to be added to this list. Both the design and the features of the device, which is expected to be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, have emerged! Let’s go into the details without keeping our readers waiting.

What Does the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Design Look Like?

When it comes to design, Samsung, which has been able to please its users in a way, especially on smart phones, unfortunately, does not seem to be able to achieve the same success in this headset. Because when we look at the device, we can see that it looks quite similar to the Galaxy Buds model, which has an in-ear design.

However, we think that the features of this device, which was leaked while obtaining FCC certification, will please you. Based on the image of the device that comes up with the SM-R177 model number, we can say that there is an optical sensor that allows the music to stop when you remove the device from your ear. An inwardly curved microphone also accompanies this model.

The color of the headset in the test images has a black theme, so we think that one of the colors of the device will also be black. We can understand through the FCC that the device will also have a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. Finally, we should say that the box of the device supports 2.5W fast charging and the earphones themselves support 0.6W fast charging. Samsung has already started production of these models, and will begin selling them in August, according to an informant with a reputation for leaks. Well, it looks like we have more time ahead. Let’s see if we can get new and interesting information about headphones in this process!


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