Galaxy Buds Pro, which was released last week, received its first update with hearing improvements.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has received a new update that includes improvements to Bixby and the system as well as hearing enhancements. The update on hearing is seen as a great help for the hearing impaired. In addition, improvements in Bixby integration are also within the scope of the new update.

The 2.2 MB update also brings with it hearing features that users can now adjust left / right sound balance. This innovation is intended to help those with hearing impairment. Additionally, the update offers improvements in system stability and reliability, as well as the Bixby voice wake feature.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro was introduced last week and presented to users. The wireless smart headset is designed to work with Samsung Galaxy devices. The earbuds also have an automatic switching feature that allows simultaneous connection with two Galaxy devices. In addition, 360 Audio with Dolby Head Tracking technology for a spatial sound experience that responds to head movements when used with Galaxy devices. It is also said that the total battery life of the headset can last up to 28 hours with ANC off and up to 18 hours with it turned on. In addition, besides fast USB Type-C charging, there is also Qi wireless charging for the earphone box.

Finally, let’s state that the update schedule of Galaxy Buds Pro, which has not been long since its release, will be determined in the coming days.


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