Samsung first introduced its new generation headset in its ongoing launch. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro appeared and won our appreciation especially with its innovations.



Our favorite feature of the new generation Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the new generation ANC, namely “Active Noise System”. Because while this renewed feature allows you to perceive the environment, when you talk to someone; It allows you to turn down the music you are listening to and hear the voice of the person you are talking to without removing the headphones. We really liked this feature.

It uses separate drivers for Samsung Woofer and Twitter. With the 11mm Woofer and 7mm Twitter drivers, we see that the headset is quite assertive on the sound side.

However, there are 3 different microphones on the product and one of them analyzes your sound vibrations and gives them to the other party. In windy environments, this ensures a clean sound by completely isolating the outside wind.

The product has an IPX7 liquid and dust resistance certificate. We were very curious what Samsung would offer us on the price side, and the South Korean manufacturer announced that the price was $ 199. As you know, AirPods Pro are sold for $ 249 in America and Samsung seems to want to make a difference here as well.


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