New images of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro model have emerged. The image of the wireless headset, which will be introduced at the Unpacked event to be held on January 14, confirms many of the information leaked so far.

In recent years, Samsung has started to pay attention to phone accessories as well as phones. The company launched its fully wireless headphones, dubbed Galaxy Buds Live, last August. It was soon revealed that Samsung was working on a new fully wireless headset.After the Galaxy S21 family, which is expected to be introduced at the Unpacked event a few days before the Unpacked event, which technology lovers are eagerly waiting for, leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have now come to the fore.

The new wireless headset Galaxy Buds Pro, which we expect to be introduced by Samsung, has already been put up for sale by a user on Facebook. Facebook user offered the headset for sale on Marketplace for a price of $ 180. In addition, the user in question stated that he has 2 Galaxy Buds Pro models and that he will send it to the buyer without the box opened.

In the new images shared on social media, we see the Galaxy Buds Pro with its charging box. This box also includes details such as that the headset is IPX7 certified, will come with advanced active noise canceling support and will offer 5 to 18 hours of playtime. The new headset has a more oval shape, unlike the Galaxy Buds Live’s design.

The latest information about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which came out with Bluetooth 5.1 and has a dual audio driver, was that the price of the headset would be $ 199. We have to wait until January 14 to get clear information on this matter.

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