It is said that Samsung will launch the Galaxy F62 in India in mid-February. While the Korean group of companies is expected to announce the official launch date. Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has announced that it will sell a new Galaxy F smartphone that uses a quad camera.



Flipkart has created a promotional page for the newly introduced device that can be accessed via its mobile application and website. Flipkart does not reveal the name of the device on this promotion page, but uses the slogan “Full Open”. We know that this slogan belongs to the Galaxy F series introduced by Samsung last September.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy F smartphone has four cameras and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Flipkart does not explain the features of this smartphone on its page, but it does include a few images, and the back shows that it will be a square shaped quad camera design placed in the upper left corner. In the frame on the right, the button with the power button, which looks like a fingerprint scanner embedded under the button, does not go unnoticed.

The screen of the smart device to be sold does not have a notch or hole for the selfie camera. This leads users to believe that the device will have a camera sensor placed under the pop-up or screen. However, this is unlikely to happen, and there will likely be a hole or notch on the screen for the selfie camera.

This device will be sold exclusively by Flipkart in the Indian market. It is said to come with an AMOLED panel. This indicates that it will have an in-display fingerprint scanner. However, since the Galaxy F smartphone to be sold by Flipkart appears to have a side-mounted fingerprint reader, this raises the possibility that the device will be a different device. Flipkart says it will provide more details on February 8th. We’ll be getting more information about this Galaxy F smartphone next week. There is currently no clear information about whether this model will be available for sale in our country.


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