Samsung, which has been releasing updates for its smartphones for days, does not fall off the agenda again. The South Korean technology company, which continues to be on the agenda with 2021 flagships, is publishing both security and innovation updates for old and new phone models. The company, which has almost been updating the update since last week, has been the subject of our news with an update announcement. Samsung Galaxy Fold introduced the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update to its users.



Samsung Galaxy Fold, one of Samsung’s 2020 model phones, has managed to satisfy users until today. With the updates it received, the phone, which became both more secure and more stable, came out with its medium screen. The device, which gives the opportunity to use double lines, also has the fast charging feature. The model, which took its place in the market in 2019, excited its users with an update news these days when we come to 2021. The company had the opportunity to present its newest update, One UI 3.0, to its users.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold One Receives UI 3.0 Update

One UI 3.0 update, which offers a unique design to its users, continues to come to Samsung phones one by one. As of this morning, the update to the 2020 model phone offers an Android 11-based structure to its users. The phone, which has become even more impressive with today’s latest Android version, also offers many features such as chat bubbles. The update, which brings various innovations to the notifications area, has introduced many widgets for the media playback area as well as one-time permissions. The update, which includes the February 2021 security patch, also hosts a renewed user interface.


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