Samsung Galaxy M21 Prime Edition News: A different variant of the model, which has been 1.5 years since its introduction, is on sale. The device we are talking about is the Samsung Galaxy M21 Prime Edition!


At the beginning of 2020, Samsung introduced the Galaxy M31 and M21 models and put them on sale. In the other half of the same year, we saw the Galaxy M31 Prime Edition model. As the name suggests, this variant of the device was offered to users with Amazon applications and services. Interestingly, we did not see the Samsung Galaxy M21 Prime Edition variant last year. However, the information we have says that the device will be introduced this year. Here are the details…

What are the Samsung Galaxy M21 Prime Edition Features?

The above-mentioned device is currently viewable on many websites. It even mentions the support panel on Samsung India’s website with the name SM-M215G. What’s more, the device can be viewed via Google Play Console and BIS.

The name of the device appears in the lists, but its features are unfortunately not available. Probably the same features will be used in this model as in the M31 model. In addition, only pre-installed amazon apps, a three-month amazon subscription and a somewhat high price tag are expected.

Despite this, there are some expected features about the device. For example, AMOLED display, Exynos 9611 chipset, 6,000mAh battery and a 15W charging adapter that will fast charge this battery are among the expectations from this device. We do not know the decision that Samsung will make on the subject, but we think that it will somehow manage to satisfy its users. As we get new details about the device, we will continue to pass it on to you, our valued readers.


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