Successful to meet the expectations of millions of users with the updates it publishes, Samsung continues its work uninterruptedly. The company, which does not fall off the agenda with its new flagships, does not forget the 2019 model phones. Samsung Galaxy M30 One got Android 11 features with UI 3 update.



Samsung continues its series of product updates where it left off. Continuing to bring updates for all phone models, including new and old, Samsung has not forgotten the giant screen flagship Galaxy M30 series. The successful company, which offered an update based on Android 11 to its users, brought various innovations with it.


Android 11 Update Released

One UI 3, which emerged in India and is currently being scrutinized by users, has come out as an Android 11-based update. The update, which has not yet been made available to countries other than India, brought some innovations and system improvements with it. The update, which is published with a file size of approximately 2 GB, offers a renewed interface to users. The design of the phone, which has become modern, now offers a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Samsung, which has not announced other innovations yet, announced that with this update, the user interface of the phone has been changed almost completely and made it more stable. The Android 11 update, which will be offered to users in other countries in the coming days, will bring a lot of innovation with a file size of 2 GB.


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