The company, which recently introduced the new S21 series and was criticized by some and congratulated by some, wants to introduce the new Galaxy M62 model with a very large battery. So what do we know about the M62? Let’s see …



The new phone, which received FCC certification with the SM-M62F / DS model number, will come with a huge battery of 7,000 mAh at a time when companies such as Xiaomi maintain their existence at the level of 6,000 mAh.


Galaxy M62 Comes with 25W Fast Charging and 7.000 mAh Battery!

According to the certificate, Galaxy M62, which will bring 25W fast charging support as well as a 7,000 mAh battery, will meet the requirements of the segment with its 3.5 mm jack input and Type-C port. Apart from that, the manufacturer, which puts 15W fast charging support on other Galaxy A and Galaxy M series phones, we can say that the M62 model, which has a 7,000 mAh battery, has been a bit generous with 25W fast charging support.

Another information that has come to light is that this phone was seen on a US-based certification site with the model number SM-E625F / DS. While this causes us to make different claims about the name of the phone, it is the most dominant rumor that the company will release the same model with different names for different markets.

The predicted hardware of the phone is; Exynos 9825 chip, 6GB RAM and Android 11.


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