Samsung Galaxy Note 10 continues to annoy its users with the S Pen problem.


The South Korean company Samsung, which continues to bring security patches to its smartphones, comes to the fore with some problems. The technology company, which has made a name for itself with exploding and flaming phones in the last few years, attracts the attention of users with such bad events as well as good developments. The company, which continues to host millions of users both in our country and the world, comes to the fore with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. Users who use the S Pen on their smartphones stated that they encountered some problems.

South Korean Samsung, the leader of the smartphone market, seems to be grappling with some problems at the moment, as well as beautiful developments. The users who complain about the S Pen problem in the Galaxy Note 10 series are trying to do their best to make their voices heard by the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen Issue Continues

According to the developments we have obtained from some forum sites, Galaxy Note 10 series users have stated that their phones are not compatible with the S Pen and they have encountered various problems. Stating that they encountered various problems while using features such as Air Actions, users also complain about the disconnection of the S Pen. Stating that they have encountered disconnection before, users have stated that this problem has occurred frequently recently. The phone series, which recently received security patches in March 2021 and April 2021, started to encounter this problem after these updates, according to users. Whatever the issue is, it is expected to be resolved with the upcoming update.

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