The South Korean company, which continues to release updates like crazy, has now delighted Samsung Galaxy Note 20 users.


The technology company Samsung, which continues to make a name for itself as the largest smartphone manufacturer of today, is closely followed with its interest in foldable phones. The company, which will break new ground in foldable phones, has been releasing updates since the beginning of 2021 and on the other hand continues to produce foldable smartphone screens. The company, which has made a name for itself with the updates it has published in recent weeks, does not stop. The May 2021 security update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has been released to users.

Samsung brand phones, which receive and continue to receive security updates regularly every month, continue to make users smile. The South Korean technology giant, which has not been missing from our news for months, offers its users a safer phone usage experience with the update it released this morning.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Receives May 2021 Security Patch

The South Korean technology company continues to come up with brand new news. The company, which attracted attention by publishing the May 2021 security patch for the Galaxy Note 20 series this morning, continues to follow the Android 12 update closely. While the updates made available to users in Germany are published with version numbers N986BXXU2DUDA and N980FXXU2DUDA, it is known that they have eliminated many gaps on the devices. While no information was given to users about the file size of the update, it was stated that the main security vulnerabilities were closed with this update.

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