Samsung Galaxy S20 News: Recent reports indicate that a serious display problem has emerged on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series models. Let’s take a look at the annoying development.


Some phone users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series have recently started to complain about a serious screen problem. Although the first complaints started in May, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra users have started to raise this issue more recently.

According to the news on the Android Police site, Galaxy S20 series users report the screen flickering problem that makes their phones unusable after a while. In the problem that appears in the form of scanning lines at first, the screen turns completely green or white after a while.

On the Samsung community forum, a user named LeeYon reports that he first noticed the issue when the flickering appeared while playing games. He pointed out that this problem is not limited to games, as the flickering can be seen even on the device’s home screen and other applications.

After contacting Samsung’s support team, the user was instructed to perform a soft reset on their phone. After the problem persists, the user who resets the phone to factory settings reports that the screen becomes unusable after a while. As a result, the Samsung customer service team had to replace the phone’s screen and battery to fix the problem.

Another forum member, Eug84, also mentions that the screen on his Galaxy S20 Ultra phone shows continuous scanning lines. The user even uploaded a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates this issue. If you go through the comment section of this video, you will see that many other users are facing this screen issue on their phones. While Samsung is expected to make an official statement on the subject, it is obvious that a screen replacement is needed to solve the problem.


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