Samsung Galaxy S20 series, one of the most talked about phone series this year, has become stronger with the March 2021 security patch.


Samsung is preparing to mark the 2021 Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 phone models with an event on YouTube on March 17th. The South Korean company, which has been the subject of our news with various leaks for weeks, continues to come up with new developments almost every day. The company, which offers both innovations and a safer use to millions of users with the updates it publishes, continues to update without stopping. The company has now released a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

The smartphone manufacturer, which is known for its foldable phones, surpassed its competitors. Of course, let’s not forget that it lags behind some competitors. The company, which was the leader of the smartphone market until the fourth quarter of 2020, seems to take back the throne that it belongs to, while losing the leadership to Apple. The company, which often comes up with brand new developments, has now released an update for the new phone series. The update brought many security fixes.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Receives March 2021 Security Patch

While the March 2021 security patch starts to come to phones one by one, Samsung is the leader of this update. The company, which has been updating after the update for weeks, did not pass the Galaxy S20 series idle. The phone series, which are currently selling like crazy, today received an update with the G98xxXXS6DUBA version number. While there is not much information about the file size of the update, we expect the file size to be small because it is a simple security patch. In other words, while the update does not bring a new feature, it closes the security gaps and gets a stronger structure. The update is now available as downloadable in the US, and will soon be available to other countries.

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