The smartphone market left behind a difficult year with the pandemic. Even though the pandemic continues on its way without slowing down this year, it seems that human beings are also used to living with it. In the early days, people were not preferred for luxury products and phones such as flagships, but this year this perception will be destroyed. This is exactly why Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy S21 series before ever. According to the statements made today, the Samsung Galaxy S21 also revealed its sales figures and targets.



Last year, the Galaxy S20 series was one of the phones born right into the pandemic. In total, around 26 million phones were sold. Samsung stated that they can reach the same sales figures this year. Here are the targeted sales figures.

  • Galaxy S21 10 million units
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 8 million units
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 8 million units
  • Samsung Galaxy S21

When will the South Korean producer reach these numbers? A few months from now, the prices of the phones can only be reached after serious discounts come. Because the prices we see today (especially in our country) are far above the numbers that an Android phone should be. If the newly introduced models such as OPPO Find X3 and Huawei P50 will be available at these prices; that seems so. If you ask us, we think these brands cannot be successful either.

We will see together how much the Galaxy S21 series will sell, which has almost no difference in terms of hardware (except the chipset) from last year, and also does not have a charger and headphone device.


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