Samsung will introduce the highly anticipated flagship Galaxy S21 family on January 14, 2021, tomorrow. The box contents of the top models that will be introduced at the Galaxy Unpacked event have been announced today. As you know, Apple removed the charging adapter and Lightning headset from the iPhone 12 family. Both Samsung and Xiaomi had made fun of Apple, which announced that it had made such a decision to protect the environment.



Xiaomi introduced the Mi 11 model at the end of 2020 and was the first company to lick its spit by not including the charging adapter. Now, Samsung is on the same road. The contents of the box of all S21 models of the South Korean technology giant will be a booklet, a SIM card opening device and a charging cable. In other words, S21s will not include a charging adapter and wired headphones.

Apple has always been driving technology. This has been proven once again. Apple does it first, and then other companies go this way. It is meaningless to claim otherwise. If only it were not like that. I wish there was a charger adapter in the box to compete with Apple. But it didn’t.

These events do not teach companies either. If you’re going to do it yourself, why would you make fun of Apple? Then you’re the loser. That’s why you have to see ahead of you and make your plans accordingly before teasing somewhere.

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