It released the March 2021 security update for the Samsung Galaxy S21 model, which does not fall off the agenda with its foldable phone.



The South Korean company Samsung, which started to produce foldable screens for Xiaomi, Google and OPPO, continues to publish updates while it is still on the agenda with its new foldable phone. The company, which started to publish its updates about 2 weeks ago, gained the appreciation of the users with this move. In these days when we come to the end of February, the famous company is still on the agenda with the steps it takes. In the news we made last night, we mentioned that the company produces foldable screens for three technology giants. While this news had a lot of repercussions in the technology world, a new update announcement came today. The March 2021 security update for the Samsung Galaxy S21 has been released.

The South Korean company, which continues to release the brand new update for almost all phone models, is currently preparing to launch its new foldable phone, and it continues to come up with brand new update news. The company, which has been releasing updates on the update for days, is now making the Galaxy S21 owners smile.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Receives March 2021 Security Update

According to the information we have obtained with the official announcement by the company, the file size of the new update coming to the device was announced as approximately 387MB. The update, with the version number G99x0ZHU1AUB7, was released this morning, it reportedly made devices more secure. While the details of the update have not been disclosed yet, the details of such updates are usually released after a week or two. The update, available to users in Taiwan, continues to take its place on many devices.


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