The Samsung Galaxy S21 family, eagerly awaited by the mobile market, was shown for the first time today with a commercial. The leaked images were correct …
2021 seems to be the scene of great competition in the smartphone market. Because the Snapdragon 888 chipset is introduced at once and the manufacturers have repeatedly stated that “our new flagship will use Snapdragon 888”. Here, the Samsung Galaxy S21, which will be one of the most important players in this market, appeared today with an advertisement image.

Obviously, sharing the advertisement image of a phone that will be introduced in February; Sounds like a brand-backed viral study. First of all, we will meet with three different phones Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Ads for all three phones were officially shared today. Thus, we learned the rear camera structure of the phones. So what will the phones look like? Let’s take a closer look at this. First of all, the Galaxy S21 series appears. The design of the phone consists of a triple main camera on the back. There is also a small hole next to the cameras, but we don’t quite understand if this is a camera or a flashlight.

Then the Galaxy S21 Plus model officially appeared. When we look at the phone, we see that the rear camera structure is the same as the Galaxy S21. While gold color is used in camera design, we were quite surprised that there was no edge screen on the screen side.

There is also the father at the end. We also see the Galaxy S21 Ultra model here. Here, too, Samsung is switching to a five-camera layout. Under the triple camera, we see the periscope lens. The Edge screen appears slightly on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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The rear camera design does not look bad, and we can understand that the resulting leak visuals are also correct. Let’s see which chipsets will the phones have and what prices ???

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