Samsung is one of the most advantageous manufacturers in the smartphone market. Because the South Korean manufacturer produces many of the hardware in the phone itself. The most important of these, you will appreciate that; screen. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen features, which were introduced in the past days, are slowly starting to emerge. Because the investigations revealed that the new screen is more advantageous than the panel used in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.



According to the information received, new organic materials with increasing electron movement speed in the organic layer are used on this screen. Therefore, significant improvements are made in light output. In other words, new materials can emit brighter light with less energy consumption. Compared to OLED displays used in today’s smartphones, Samsung’s display uses 16% less power.

We are publishing this phone also examine other Samsung phones in the Samsung Turkey not because we are seeing small team Corporate Communications Manager, “our rating is not enough,” he said, but we can imagine that very well could be the phone’s screen. We spend a lot of time with our mobile phones, especially in homes where we stay during the pandemic. Let’s share the features of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s screen with you …

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen is used with 6.8 inches, 3200x1440p resolution, 2K, 120Hz screen scanning speed, but capable of presenting this speed in Full HD + resolution, HDR10 + support. It should also be noted that this screen can reach up to 515ppi pixel density and 1,500 nits under the sun.


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