Samsung Galaxy S22 News: Although we have a long time ahead of us, the waters do not stand still on the Samsung Galaxy S22 front. There has been an important development regarding the camera of the phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 series will become official in January 2022, if nothing goes wrong. Although we have about six months ahead of us, the phone series does not fall off the agenda. In a news in the South Korean media, important information was passed on whether the under-screen camera technology will be included in the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Will Come With Standard Front Camera

According to the news, Samsung has decided not to implement the under-screen camera system on the Galaxy S22. Two reasons stand out for this. First of all, Samsug is still not satisfied with the image quality of the under-screen camera technology. The fact that a popular and camera-focused phone like the Galaxy S22 Ultra is far behind its competitors in terms of the front camera may harm sales. Another reason is the difficulties encountered at the point of production. The Galaxy S22 series will sell millions of units and it has not yet been able to create a production line at this level.

This is what the under-screen camera technology will look like on light wallpapers.

The under-screen camera technology, which is still in its infancy, will show itself again in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which will be introduced in the coming months. The progress achieved here is important because if competitive performance is achieved, this technology will become even more widespread next year.

We will also see the under-screen camera system in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model, which will be introduced in August / September. The new system to be used in Galaxy Z Fold 3 is reported to have 40% more light transmission compared to the existing under-screen camera technology. It is a matter of curiosity how the foldable smartphone will offer front camera performance. We look forward to it.


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