Continuing to get full points from its users with the updates it brings, South Korean technology giant Samsung seems to have prepared all the updates for the year 2021. The technology giant, which has been releasing updates on updates for weeks, continues to make a loud noise in the technology world with its 2021 model phones. While the sales figures of the new flagships are not yet known, it is known that they have achieved very good sales. On the one hand, the company, which released the phones on the other hand, and released updates for its existing phones, announced that it has released a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 after 4 years.



The company has been closely monitored with the updates it has brought to its phones, which has not been missing from our news for weeks. The company, which lost the smartphone market to the Chinese giant Xiaomi, has rolled up its sleeves to take back the leadership in a short time. The company, which brings updates to phones day and night, is preparing to launch a new tablet. Tab 8, which is expected to mark 2021, continues to be displayed on the official website, while users have started the countdown for the new tablet. The tablet will soon be on the market.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 gets updated after 4 years

As of yesterday, Android 12 beta comes to Google Pixel phones, while the company continues to release updates for old phone models. The South Korean company, which will bring Android 12 to its new flagships, offers Android 11 as well as Android 12 to its users. In addition, security patches continue to be released for many phones. Approximately 4 years after its release, the phone model, which has been updated for the first time, closes the security gaps with this update. The update is known to improve system stability while the file size is unknown.


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