One of today’s successful phone manufacturers, Samsung has released a new security update for the Galaxy S9. It doesn’t stop.


Losing the leadership of the smartphone market to Apple in the fourth quarter of 2020, Samsung continues to come to the fore with brand new developments. The company, which has been releasing updates like crazy and continues to publish since the beginning of 2021, also keeps its users up to date. The company, which is often the subject of our news with brand new developments in different fields, has released a new update. As we enter April 2021, a new security patch has been released for the Samsung Galaxy S9 model. The company has released its fourth update this year for the phone.

As you know, the biggest problem of smartphones is that they cause various vulnerabilities and errors with the updates they receive. While famous phone manufacturers reveal errors with an update, they continue to fix these errors with other updates they publish. Samsung comes to mind when it comes to updating. The famous company did not eat or drink this year, almost published an update.


Samsung Galaxy S9 gets April 2021 security update

According to the information we have obtained from foreign sources today, we learned that the South Korean giant has released a new update for the Galaxy S9 phone model and shared the details of this update with the public. While the update released with the version number G96xFXXUFFUC6 eliminates many errors and problems on the phone, it is reported that the update is offered to European users. As with every update, the file size of this update has not been announced yet.


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