It has been revealed that Samsung, which has introduced two different smartwatches in the past 8 months: Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2, is considering adding a physical bezel to its new Galaxy Watch 2.

Last year, Samsung launched the two new smartwatch models Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2. These two smartwatch models also had a virtual bezel instead of a physical bezel. According to new information from Samsung Mobile, the new smartwatch model known as the Galaxy Watch 2 will have a rotatable physical frame, as Samsung’s newly designed name has not yet been fully established.

The so-called ‘bezel‘ framework, on the other hand, can often be called a mechanical component developed for divers or physicians to hold time more easily. Although the timekeeping process is something that can be solved very easily thanks to the software included in the smart watch, we can say that Samsung will still try to appeal to the people who still use analog watches by adding the physical frame that the watch enthusiasts love to the smart watch design.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 emerging features:

According to information from the Federal Communications Board of America, Galaxy Watch 2 will be in the middle of the Galaxy Watch designs, which has a 45mm dial with a 44mm Galaxy Watch Active 2 and a 46mm. In addition, according to another detail revealed, Samsung will produce this new smart watch entirely from titanium. This will be a more cost-effective production than watches made from aluminum or stainless steel. In this context, we can think that the Galaxy Watch 2 will have a higher price than Samsung’s other smartwatches as it combines both analog and smart watch design and it will be made entirely of titanium.

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The new smartwatch series is expected to be introduced in August this year with Samsung’s new smartphone models such as the Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 +.

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