One of the rare brands in the market that can compete with foldable devices, if Samsung doesn’t do something for the Galaxy Z Flip 2, the result is a disappointment!


Samsung, which has been working on the production of foldable screen phones for a long time, was in great demand with the Z Flip series it produced. However, the expectations for the second device of the series are of course increasing. Expectations are increasing and will the Samsung side be able to present these developments to us? Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 go down in history as a disappointment? You will understand why we asked this question and think so in the rest of our news.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Looks Like Never Developed!

We have received a new visual and information about Samsung’s new foldable device. We have obtained some information about the battery of the device, which we expect to be introduced towards the end of the year. The information we obtained almost shocked us. The device uses 2 batteries. The sum of these two batteries corresponds to a battery of only 3,300mAh. When we learned about this development, we were left with our mouths open. If you know the battery performance of the previous device in the series, you have already understood the reason. The high performance chipset in the device was literally exploiting this battery!

While users are waiting for a definite battery improvement for the new device of the series, the Samsung side applies the opposite. Moreover, in the 5G version of the previous model, this battery performance was much worse! With the use of 2 batteries, we are sure to get such a performance that no one is expecting it. Samsung better think about something to please its users. Because it is hard to think that the users who see this news will have positive thoughts about the new device of the series!


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