Possible designs of Samsung’s future new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 3 offer our first look at the phone with rendered images.

Samsung, one of the pioneers of foldable smartphones, is expected to introduce 4 different foldable smartphones next year. Renders of a next-generation Galaxy Z Fold made and released by Pigtou and xleaks show a potentially double-hinged design, and the more folding diversity the smartphone will win.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 in two different builds
The designs developed based on the patents received by Samsung have a two-story model when folded, while the other has a three-story version when folded.

Galaxy Z Fold 3, which has a two-fold structure when folded from the renderings, has a quad camera with LED flash on one side and a smaller screen on the other side. Once opened, there is a main screen on the front, almost the size of a tablet.

In the other variant of Galaxy Z Fold 3, there will be a three-fold display. Hinges bend in opposite directions.

Samsung’s new foldable smartphones are expected to begin rolling out in the first half of 2021.


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