Smartphone sales figures for 2020 have been announced. The peak of the competition between Samsung Huawei and Apple changed in the last quarter.



We would like to say that we left 2020 behind with good and bad, but it has always remained in our memories as a year in which bad and negativities never fell on our side. We are sure that this year will be remembered as a black year in the technology world. With the epidemic and other internal balances that affected the whole world, a 10% contraction was recorded in world smartphone sales compared to the previous year. Now let’s take a look at the details of the competition between Samsung, Huawei and Apple, and the latest phone sales.


Balances Shifting Between Samsung, Huawei and Apple Competition

First, let’s take a look at the last quarter data of 2020. According to research published by Gartner, Apple is behind the sales success of the iPhone 12 series and closed the quarter at its peak. Apple, which sold about 80 million iPhones in the last period of 2020, grew by 14.9% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Samsung ranks second on the list. Managing to sell 62.1 million smartphones, Samsung sold 8.3 million fewer phones compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. The company also contracted 11.8%. Xiaomi made the biggest breakthrough in the fourth quarter of 2020. The Chinese company, which increased its smartphone sales from 32.4 million to 43.4 million, achieved a growth of 33.9%. There is also a significant growth on the OPPO front. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, phone sales seem to have increased by 4 million. This means that OPPO achieved 12.9% growth.

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Let’s come to Huawei. Huawei, which was at the top of some quarterly results until the American government’s embargo, seems to be highly affected by both the global epidemic and the embargo. Trying to survive despite all these negativities, Huawei ranks third in total sales throughout the year, even though it dropped to the 5th place in the last quarter of 2020. In the continuation of our news, you can take a look at the number of smartphones sold by the manufacturers throughout the year 2020.

  • Samsung sold 253.1 million units
  • Apple sold 199.8 million units
  • Huawei sold 182.6 million units
  • Xiaomi sold 145.8 million units
  • OPPO 111.7 million units sold


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