Samsung increased the investment amount to $ 17 billion for the chip production facility to be established in Texas.

We said last month that Samsung is planning to build a $ 10 billion chip manufacturing facility in the US state of Texas. It is now reported that the company can invest much more than originally reported. According to documents submitted by Samsung Foundry in Arizona, New York and Texas, the planned chip plant is expected to cost over $ 17 billion.

In addition, Samsung’s potential chip manufacturing facility in Texas is expected to create jobs for about 1,800 people. If everything goes as planned, the chip facility to be established will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2023. While the company has not revealed for which manufacturing process the new facility will be designed, the expectations are that 3nm MBCFET chips will be produced.

The company only produces 7nm and 5nm chips in South Korea. The current S2 line in Texas produces 14nm and 11nm chips. However, Samsung Foundry has many customers in the US, including IBM, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Tesla, which means that a private factory can be set up in the country for these customers.

Samsung’s current plan to the Texas government includes a 7 million square meter chip factory on the company’s premises. The new manufacturing facility will be adjacent to Samsung’s existing S2 plant. This means the company is not planning to upgrade its S2 plant to newer processes in the near future.

Finally, let’s note that TSMC’s facility to be established in Arizona is designed to be relatively small.


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