Technology manufacturer Samsung introduced the Galaxy SmartTag, a tracking device based on Bluetooth technology, at the Unpacked 2021 event held today.

South Korean technology giant Samsung unveiled its newest technological devices with the Unpacked 2021 event this evening. At the event, the object tracking device called Galaxy SmartTag, which has been highly anticipated for a while and is the subject of our leak news, was also introduced.

Finding lost items or pets gets easier
In addition to its new smartphones and headsets, Samsung introduced the Galaxy SmartThing Find service and object tracking device Galaxy SmartTag, which will allow users to know where their Galaxy devices are at any time.

The Galaxy SmartTag product, which works with Bluetooth technology, can be easily attached to keys, bags and pets. To find your lost object or pet, all you have to do is click the bell button on your mobile phone and then follow the ringtone that starts playing on the Galaxy SmartTag.

No internet connection needed
The SmartThing Find service allows you to track the location of all Galaxy devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart watches, wireless headsets and more. The location of these devices can be viewed on the map, regardless of whether they are in the next room or in another country. Also, the devices don’t even need to be connected to the internet. Because the service works on the basis of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-WideBand (UWB) technologies and can locate lost devices via the closest Galaxy devices.

If the missing device is somewhere nearby, SmartThing Find lets you initiate a special search mode. The signal level of the device you are looking for is displayed on the smartphone or tablet screen, and the higher the signal, the closer the device. It is possible to compare this to the hot-cold game played as a child. Additionally, an audio signal can be triggered on a lost device to further simplify the search.

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Also available in multiple packs
In addition to all these, various IoT devices can be controlled with SmartTags, and you can turn on the lights, for example, before you enter your home. Samsung announced that it will sell the SmartTag product in single, double and quad packs. It should also be noted that the product, which will be on the shelves with black, white, green and pink color options, has a Bluetooth range of 120 meters. Its 280mAh battery offers a lifetime of up to 280 days.

Note that the Galaxy SmartTag will be available on January 29, 2021 with a price tag of $ 29.99 for a single, $ 49.99 for a double and $ 84.99 for a quad.


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