Samsung, one of the leading companies in imaging technologies, introduced the ISOCELL Auto 4AC sensor for cars this time.


Samsung came up with the automotive grade image sensor ISOCELL Auto 4AC. Samsung, which usually produces sensors for phones, is taking a hand in the automotive sector this time. The new sensor can provide 120 decibels of high dynamic range images (HDR) and supports light-emitting diode (LED) flicker suppression. In other words, this new sensor will allow cars to display 1280×960 resolution images.

ISOCELL Auto 4AC comes with CornerPixel technology. There are two photodiodes in one pixel area. Among them, it uses a 3.0μm pixel to image under dark light and places a 1.0μm pixel at the corner of the large pixel to capture images of a brighter environment.

Two photodiodes simultaneously take images under different exposure conditions. Throughout the synthesis process, the output image has 120dB HDR capabilities and minimal motion blur effect. Thus, the exposure transition of the sensor in complex brightness environments from dark light to high brightness is shown more smoothly.

Various lighting conditions on the road can be an obstacle to the driver. Quick transitions from a dimly lit environment to a brighter environment, such as exiting a tunnel, may require a few seconds for the driver’s eyes to adjust. In addition, flicker from LED headlights or road signs such as streetlights and traffic lights can become increasingly noticeable on the camera screen of the automotive system.

Samsung says ISOCELL Auto 4AC can reduce image artifacts caused by LED light source flicker by extending the exposure time of small pixels. This will provide more accurate image data for the automated driving system. So it can recognize information such as LED lights and LED traffic lights.

Samsung ISOCELL Auto 4AC has a 1/3.7 inch photosensitive area, 1.2 MP resolution, 3.0μm pixel size and a built-in ISP image processing function. In addition, this sensor can output YUV422, RGB888 and RGB565 image data.


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