Samsung introduced its HBM-PIM memory with artificial intelligence enhancement.
Currently the world’s largest memory chip manufacturer, Samsung announced that it has developed the world’s first HBM (high-bandwidth memory) chip with artificial intelligence processing capability.

At the heart of the new HBM-PIM memory is the HBM2 Aquabolt memory architecture, which Samsung launched in 2018. The part of the memory called PIM has advanced logic-based processing units. Thus, the artificial intelligence processing performance more than doubles. Not only that, but it cuts power consumption by 70%.

Samsung’s new memory chip will mostly be used in servers and artificial intelligence applications that require high performance computing. In standard computer architecture, the memory and processing unit are separate, which increases latency when too much data is carried between them. Samsung has also developed HBM-PIM memory to overcome these latency issues.

Working well on compatibility, Samsung says that the new memories are compatible with the standard HBM interface and that companies can get extra artificial intelligence performance with their existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Finally, let’s note that the company will send HBM-PIM memory to its customers for testing in the first half of 2021.


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