South Korean technology giant Samsung entered the 5 nanometer production process in the mobile processor market after Apple and Qualcomm with the Exynos 2100 chipset used in the Galaxy S21 series. According to the information received, Samsung has rolled up its sleeves to become the first manufacturer to enter the 3 nanometer production process by increasing gears. Samsung wants to recapture the mobile processor market by improving its manufacturing process.



According to a new report published in China, Samsung; It plans to invest $ 10 billion in a factory in Texas where it will produce and distribute 3 nm chips. Thus, Samsung pushing itself to failure in the world of mobile processors with Exynos; It aims to reach more US customers by taking advantage of its biggest Taiwanese competitor, TSMC, which is the most advanced chip manufacturer.

However, these plans are just a prelude for Samsung; It aims to put forward its new grand plan in the mobile processor world by 2022, starting construction this year. Although the beginning of the plans seems to be 2023; We will all wait to see if this date will pass.

According to the South Korean skis, it is stated that Samsung will use the new chipset in the Galaxy S23 series, which will be launched two years later. If Samsung passes to the 3 nanometer production process before TSMC; Apple, Huawei and Qualcomm could be customers of the South Korean manufacturer. We will continue to follow the developments for you …


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