Samsung Galaxy S20 series Chronic problems are causing Samsung to remain in trouble. He was put on trial because of the camera problem.


Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 smartphones at the beginning of last year and so far it has been replaced by Galaxy S21 series devices. It has now been learned that the owners of their flagship Galaxy S20 have filed a class action against Samsung, accusing the manufacturer of deliberately selling defective smartphones.

In the claims about the phone, it is stated that the glass on the back, which protects the rear camera from mechanical damage, may spontaneously crack or even explode. Users claim that such a problem can occur even if the smartphone is in a protective case and is not subjected to any impact. The owners of the phone rightly believe that such a defect is unacceptable for a device whose cost is around $ 1000-1500. It’s also worth noting that Samsung refused to repair the cracked rear camera glass under warranty.

In addition, users have to pay up to $ 400 for repairs. This increases the cost of a phone with a high price. It covers all models of the S20 smartphones that have been sued recently and is now open to new plaintiffs. However, this can only be done by users of Samsung devices in the US, as the case is filed in an American court. It is currently unknown whether a lawsuit has been filed in other countries. Samsung is expected to at least offer free repairs for these chronic problems.

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