Samsung entered the day like a bomb with the patent acquisition. The Korean manufacturer will add innovations to the smartphone industry this year …



Samsung shows us that it will make innovations in terms of design with the patent acquisition. Because the AMD GPU-based new Exynos chipsets that it will produce recently, has also had a bomb effect on the agenda. The Korean manufacturer, who wants to maintain its claim against its competitors this year, seems to be able to do so.

Samsung plans to introduce 4 foldable smartphones this year. However, according to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has received a new patent for its foldable smartphones. According to the report, this patent is a new screen technology supported by a double slider mechanism.

In other words, this patent offers the ability to retract the screen from the right and left sides simultaneously on smartphones. In addition, the dual screen feature, where the front and back screens can move at the same time, is surprising.

The patent was received on January 21, 2021. Jermaine Smit then released a 3D render image illustrating this patent. According to the image, the front screen can be folded and a second screen is placed on the back. Using two Switches and a gear rail, Samsung will be able to embed this technology in its devices. The foldable screen will be divided in half by a frame passing through the middle. The screens of the new foldable smartphones will be 30% larger than the screens of the previous foldable smartphones.

Samsung will use a 6-inch or 8-inch screen on its new foldable smartphone. The back cover of the device will be covered with flexible foil and will have a chain-link system. Thus, the back cover will be able to stretch in and out with the screen. In addition, the screen frames will have a flexible structure.

The front camera will be placed on the screen with a perforated camera design. The rear camera layout will continue the camera layout on the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, it should be noted that such a foldable smartphone design is not more than guesswork. Only render images drawn on Samsung’s newly acquired patent. Do you think this technology will be successful?


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