The Samsung Neo QLED television series, which can obtain much better quality images with mini LED modules and thousands of lighting zones, goes on sale. Prices became clear.

At the CES 2021 virtual fair, Samsung’s new mini LED screen television series, which has been officially launched, will go on sale next month. Samsung has confirmed the prices of the series that seem quite high.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A prices
Neo QLED TV series introduced by Samsung at CES 2021 is hosting mini LED technology. In this technology, where LCD screens are supported by thousands of lighting zones and mini LED modules, better brightness, more vivid images and background can be obtained. Quantum Matrix Technology Pro technology increases the quality by using the lighting zones more efficiently.

In the Neo family, the flagship will be the 8K resolution QN900A series. With the Neo Quantum Processor 8K chip, images can be scaled to 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate is offered. Models can automatically adjust 3D sound according to the structure of the room.

Quantum HDR 48x technology, 6.2.2 channel sound, 80W sound system, ultra-wide mode for PC games, Game Bar where you can monitor FPS status and control wireless headphones, Google Duo support with optional camera accessory, solar powered Samsung wireless controller. the price is as follows:

Samsung Neo QN900A 65 inch – $ 5000

Avatar Samsung begins production testing of QD-OLED next month
Samsung Neo QN900A 75 inch – $ 7000

Samsung Neo QN900A 85 inch – $ 9000

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN800A prices
While the QN800A series still offers 8K resolution, it has cut some components. Differently, there are features such as Quantum HDR 32x technology, 4.2.2 channel sound, 70W sound system. Prices are as follows:

Samsung Neo QN800A 65 inch – $ 3500

Samsung Neo QN800A 75 inch – $ 4800

Samsung Neo QN800A 85 inch – $ 6500

Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90A prices
In the Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90A series, the resolution goes down to 4K. Features are almost the same as the 800 series. Differently, with the Quantum 4K chip, 4K scaling is made and the sound system is placed around the case. Prices are $ 1800 for 55 inches, $ 2600 for 65 inches, $ 3500 for 75 inches, and $ 5000 for 85 inches.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN85A prices
The Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN85A series includes the most affordable models. While the sound system is a bit weaker, images are processed with Quantum HDR 24x technology. Prices are $ 1600 for 55 inches, $ 2200 for 65 inches, $ 3000 for 75 inches, $ 4500 for 85 inches.


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