Samsung introduced last Tuesday (30) its new line of SSDs 870 QVO. According to the manufacturer, the model is the first of the brand to offer 8 TB units for home use. In addition, the storage comes with options of 1, 2 and 4 TB, bringing a 2.5-inch SATA format and speeds of 560 MB / s for reading and 530 MB / s. There is still no confirmation about the arrival of SSDs in Brazil, and their prices start at US $ 129, something around R $ 705 in the current quote, without taxes. It is worth mentioning that, in the Brazilian market, it is possible to find options from the previous generation for values ​​starting at R $ 1,124.90.

According to Samsung, the new SSDs should deliver up to 13% higher performance in reading random data when compared to previous generation models. This type of reading is closer to the actual conditions of use and is a more decisive indicator that the component will perform well.

The values ​​of 560 and 530 MB / s for reading and writing, respectively, are 10 MB / s higher than the 860 series discs offered. As they are not as fast as NVMe, for example, Samsung’s new devices can serve as data drives on PCs equipped with faster SSDs for the operating system, programs and games, for example.

In addition to the lower speeds of the SATA interface compared to NVMe and PCIe models, the new SSDs from Samsung also reinforce the proposal of greater cost-benefit with the technology used in the construction of the storage modules. The 870 QVO bring the QLC model, with lower manufacturing cost and which ends up representing sacrifices in both performance and useful life.

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Regarding durability, Samsung reports that all models in the line have a three-year warranty. Also according to the brand, the 1 TB disc should allow for 360 TB total recordings until it can start to fail. The 2 TB has an estimated durability of at least 720 TB, while the 4 TB disk remains at 1,440 TB to the point where its cells can start to fail. The largest disk, 8 TB, has a guaranteed useful life for up to 2,880 TB of files.


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