Samsung, one of the leading brands in the world of smartphones, is here with a patent for the rotatable camera. While the models with full-screen design are well-published today, they continue to appear in different studies.



In this direction, while our eyes are well accustomed to the notches on the screen, concealable front cameras were produced for symmetry patients who were disturbed by this situation. The front camera, which is hidden in the case you do not need thanks to the pop up camera systems, has recently lost its popularity to a little bit. However, Samsung wants to change that.

Samsung, which introduced a rotating camera system with the Galaxy A80 model in the past period, unfortunately did not reach what it wanted. The back camera of the phone could be rotated 180 degrees thanks to the upward opening mechanism and could also be used as a front camera.

The patent approved by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in January 2021 shows that Samsung is not giving up. It is understood from the patent images that the camera used horizontally in the first model, this time goes up vertically and rotates 180 degrees.

However, whether this patent will be used in any model in real life is a big uncertainty. Because the system in question brings with it a lot of mechanical parts to go up and to rotate 180 degrees. This means higher cost, more problems and low repairability.

Let’s see if we can see a sequel of the Samsung Galaxy A80 that rotates in the future.


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