On Tuesday (21), in an article signed by Yongin Park, chief executive of Samsung’s sensor division, the South Korean manufacturer showed interest in launching a camera sensor that exceeds the capacity that can be captured by the human eye: 600 megapixel resolution.

According to Park, the human eye is capable of capturing images up to 500 MP. This capability is well above the standard of DSLR camera sensors (40 MP) and most of the high-end smartphones we have today (12 MP).

However, last year, Samsung was the first company to announce a 64 MP sensor. Six months later, the company was already announcing a 108 MP sensor, which equips the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

600 MP and advanced pixel technology
Samsung’s higher resolution sensors have technologies that allow pixels to be combined when capturing images. This combination results in a lower resolution than the maximum capacity, but multiplies the sensor’s ability to capture light. In other words, the technology makes the camera deliver an image with an excellent level of detail and with shadow and color quality above average, even in conditions of poor ambient lighting.

Samsung was also the first company to present image sensors with pixels of just 0.7µm, when the industry said that the size limit of a pixel would be 0.8µm.

Following this line of innovation, Sammy wants to go beyond what some experts consider possible, until reaching the 600 MP sensor, which will also be able to reduce the final resolution of the images to offer superior quality.

Sensors for other devices
At first, Samsung’s 600 MP sensor would not be intended for smartphones. The company intends to operate in segments where image sensors are becoming essential, such as IoT devices, drones and autonomous vehicles.

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In addition, sensors that capture ultraviolet light and infrared waves can be useful in segments such as health and agriculture, for example. For smartphones, it is rumored that Sammy is already developing a 150 MP sensor.

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