Equipped with mini LED modules, the Neo QLED TV series offers advantages that approach the OLED level such as better brightness, more vivid images and background.

Mini LED screen technology, which television manufacturers have been working on for a while, has gradually started to enter our living rooms. Following TCL and LG, Samsung also announced its mini LED televisions.

Samsung Neo QLED TV series
Neo QLED TV series introduced by Samsung at CES 2021 is hosting mini LED technology. In this technology, where LCD screens are supported by thousands of lighting zones and mini LED modules, better brightness, more vivid images and background can be obtained.

In the mini LED TV series that will be put on sale, again quantum dots contribute to color quality. The series, which will have 4K and 8K resolutions, can be scaled up with artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, there are software features such as support for Google Duo with the optional camera accessory, ultra-wide mode for PC games, placing images from 4 sources on the screen at the same time. The Samsung Neo QLED TV series will be launched in the spring.


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