Samsung Quick Share wins Windows 10 support. The new feature, announced with the Galaxy S20 series, was developed to rival Apple’s highly successful and highly popular AirDrop feature.



Working within Apple’s own ecosystem, AirDrop can make life significantly easier. Although many competitors were developed for this system, none of the products were successful because they could not be included in a complete ecosystem. Even though Samsung had different attempts on this issue before, it is trying its luck again with Quick Share today.

This feature, which aims at fast and easy data transfer, can make data transfer between Galaxy devices very easy. However, Windows 10 support is coming soon for this feature, which is insufficient in the face of AirDrop.

Thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, users with Galaxy devices will be able to transfer data to PCs with Windows 10 very easily and quickly. Likewise, it will be possible to transfer from PC to phones. It is unknown when the feature will be available.

A similar system was recently announced under the name of “Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance” in cooperation with Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo.


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