We’ve come across a lot of things in the smartphone market this year. For example, under-screen camera technology, new generation foldable phones and more. However, we also witnessed very interesting things apart from these. For example, the fact that Apple did not include headphones and chargers in the iPhone 12 series was among the events that surprised us this year.

Many manufacturers even made fun of Apple regarding this issue and threw sarcastic Twits. One of the foremost of these was Samsung. As you remember, with a post on the Korean manufacturer Twitter account, it was quite stuck that Apple did not take the iPhone 12 series out of the box with a charger and headphones. However, according to recent reports, Samsung recently lifted this condemnation Twiti. This is because the Korean company will do the same with the upcoming S21 series models.

According to this issue, which has been on the agenda for many times recently, the S21 series will come out of the box without a charger and headphones, just like the iPhone 12s. Because we guess that this is the main reason why the Twit was deleted. As you know, the main reason why Apple took the iPhone 12 series out of the box without a charger and headset was entirely due to the environmentalist nature of the US company. So at least Apple was saying this was the case. However, other competitors did not agree on this issue. Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and many other companies were laughing at this behavior Apple showed in the iPhone 12 series. However, the behaviors displayed in the mobile industry can suddenly become a common decision among manufacturers. In other words, it is possible to see this behavior exhibited by Apple in S21 series models. The fact that the Korean producer removed the skin he made fun of can be shown as the best example of this.

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According to recent reports, Samsung will remove the next generation Galaxy S21 series out of the box without charger and headphones. Thus, it will direct the users to buy the Galaxy Buds etc. Likewise, they will have the charging adapter for a fee. It is possible to witness the reflection of other producers of this issue. So, in case of a possible situation, let’s know the value of the charger and headphones we have. Otherwise, we may not have any of these in our next models.


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