South Korean technology giant Samsung, as you know, has brought tons of new features with its new interface, One UI 3.0. This interface, based on the Android 11 base, has disappointed its users at some point. You may remember that the Korean manufacturer introduced the function of hiding the front camera for the Galaxy S10 and S20 models. The reason for this was that users were not satisfied with the camera notch on the screen. Here, the company has completely eliminated this function, which has been used for a long time, with One UI 3.0 with Android 11.



The camera hiding feature offered for S10 and S20 users has been eliminated with One UI 3.0. This feature, together with the software, allowed to hide the front camera of the aforementioned phones. In other words, by hiding the cuts, it also hid the parts that look rough in the user’s eyes. But the Korean manufacturer strangely removed this function. Samsung has even removed this feature from settings, and even deleted it from the user guide.

It is not yet known why the company did such a thing. However, sources claim that Samsung is developing under-display camera technology. This is probably why this feature in One UI 3.0 has been removed from devices for now. But it is not known whether he will come again. This is entirely up to the company’s choice.


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